Vision & Mission
The College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka is a scientific and professional body for specialists in Chemical Pathology and it plays a vital role in improving patient outcome.



Our vision is to:

1. Achieve excellence in clinical and technical knowledge and skills in practice of Chemical Pathology

2. Facilitate research and development in Chemical Pathology and support research in related disciplines

3. Promote importance of Chemical Pathology as a specialty among other fields of medicine and rational use of Chemical Pathology testing

4. Create awareness in the community on importance of laboratory tests in screening, diagnosing and monitoring of disease

5. Collaborate with international and national organizations for the continuing professional development of the membership



Our mission is to  collaborate and work with the policymakers and healthcare stake holders to improve the status of healthcare delivery in Sri Lanka




College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka

No.112, Model Farm Road, Colombo 08.  Hotline : +94 76 7044871  Email :