Why do we do this test?
Albumin is synthesized exclusively by liver
1. Marker of synthetic liver function
2. Marker of nutritional status of patients like
CAPD, palliative care and cancer
3. Marker of protein loosing status
4. Level in both serum and peritoneal fluid
are used to calculate tha SAAG in view of differentiating eitiologies of ascitis
Specimen Type
Serum, Plasma (EDTA), Plasma (Li Heparin), Body Fluid
Instructions for specimen collection & Patient preparation
During phlebatomy it is advisable collect the blood without touniquet or touniquet for less than one minute.
Specimen transportation & Processing
Transport in room temperature
Specimen storage & stability
"1. At 4°C up to 3 days
2. At -20°C up to 6 months
3. At -70°C long term storage "
Specimen storage duration

Reference Intervals & Target Values
35 - 50 g/L
Critical Limits

Possible Pre-analytical Errors
Spuriously high values if there is prolonged stasis
Possible Analytical Errors
Haemolysis and lipemia cause spuriously high values
Spuriously low values with dye binding methods at very low concentration (<25 g/L)
Available Government Laboratories
Recommended turnaround time
1- 2 hours

Test Method
Dye binding method with BCG-Bromocresol green or BCP-Bromocresol purple



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