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Urine organic acid (Qualitative) print
Why do we do this test?
Diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism especially when organic aciduria is suspected
Specimen Type
Urine (spot/ timed collection)
Instructions for specimen collection & Patient preparation
Urine ideally is collected at the time of acute illness. If patient is asymptomatic a random urine sample is appropriate.
Collect to a clean container without preservatives
Specimen transportation & Processing
Specimen preferably transported frozen
Specimen storage & stability
Freeze as soon as possible at -20 °C
Specimen storage duration
Stable at -20° C or lower for several years
Reference Intervals & Target Values
Since this is a qualitative test an interpretive report will be provided
Critical Limits
Not applicable
Possible Pre-analytical Errors
Diet (including TPN, gelatin, medium-chain triglyceride oil supplements, infant formula, ketogenic diet)
Medications (valproate, levetiracetam, aspirin, benzoic acid, ibuprofen, acetaminophen )
Bacterial contamination due to improper handling of samples
Informative profiles may not always be detected in disorders where the excretion of diagnostic metabolites is a reflection of the residual activity of the defective enzyme, the dietary load of precursors, and the anabolic/catabolic status of a patient.
Possible Analytical Errors
Analyte co-elution
Extraction efficiency
Incomplete derivatization
Available Government Laboratories
Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children, Department of Chemical Pathology
Recommended turnaround time
Minimum 1 week
(If the analysis is urgent contact the Department of Chemical Pathology, LRH with clinician recommendation)
Maximum 3 months

Test Method
Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry



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