College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka

CCPSL Membership

Ordinary Member

Eligibility: A Doctor of Medicine (MD Chemical Pathology) of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine Sri Lanka.

Membership fee: 1000 LKR (Annual)
Associate Member

Eligibility: Any medical practitioner registered by the Sri Lanka Medial Council under section 29, chapter 105 of the Medical (Amendment) Act No. 30 of 1987, subject to approval by the council.

Membership fee: 2500 LKR (5 years)
Life Member

Eligibility: Any person eligible to be an ordinary member on payment of a full registration fee is eligible to be a life member. Associate member who completes MD Chemical Pathology can become a life member by paying 2500 LKR.

Membership fee: 5000 LKR
Overseas Member

Eligibility: Any scientist who has a postgraduate degree in Chemical Pathology registered in a Medical Council in his or her own country, which is recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council shall be eligible to be a member subject to approval by the council. They have no voting powers.

Membership fee: 3000 LKR (Annual)

CCPSL Members

Name Membership # Category
Saroja Siriwardene CCPSL 001 Life Member
Meliyanthi Gunatillaka CCPSL 002 Life Member
Chandrika Meegama CCPSL 003 Life Member
Erseha Anandanie Jasinge CCPSL 004 Life Member
Deepani Siriwardhana CCPSL 005 Life Member
Rajitha Priyanthi Samarasinghe CCPSL 006 Life Member
Saman Peduruhewa CCPSL 007 Life Member
Gaya Katulanda CCPSL 008 Life Member
Bolonghoge Dayanath CCPSL 009 Life Member
Thamara Herath CCPSL 010 Life Member
Manjula Dissanayake CCPSL 011 Life Member
Kisali Hirimutugoda CCPSL 012 Life Member
Seyed Ibrahim Majitha CCPSL 013 Life Member
Dulani Jayawardena CCPSL 014 Life Member
Vithegi Kesavan CCPSL 015 Life Member
Homathy Sivakumar CCPSL 016 Life Member
Roshitha De Silva CCPSL 017 Life Member
Sakunthala Jayasinghe CCPSL 018 Life Member
Thushara Hewageegana CCPSL 019 Life Member
Dilinika Perera CCPSL 020 Life Member
Neranjana Vithanage CCPSL 021 Life Member
Ushani Gayathri Wijethunga Jayawardena CCPSL 022 Life Member
Nangai Kularatnam CCPSL 023 Life Member
Gayani Weerasinghe CCPSL 024 Life Member
Lakmini Ginige CCPSL 025 Life Member
H.W. Dilanthi CCPSL 026 Life Member
Ganga Pathirana CCPSL 027 Life Member
Nallika Henddhavitharane CCPSL 028 Life Member
Arunu Kanchana Wijesinghe CCPSL 029 Life Member
Subadra Kumari Wanninayake CCPSL 030 Life Member
Lanka Liyanage CCPSL 031 Life Member
Gawri Abenayake CCPSL 032 Life Member
Thushari Vithanage CCPSL 033 Life Member
Nadeen Senanayake CCPSL 034 Associate Member
Inoka Sanjeewani Atthanayake CCPSL 035 Life Member
Thathsarani Pathirana CCPSL 036 Life Member
Maduri Vidanapathirana CCPSL 037 Life Member
Praba Sanjeeeani CCPSL 038 Associate Member
Imala Jayasinghe CCPSL 039 Associate Member
Gayani Dissanayake CCPSL 040 Associate Member
Eshani Samaranayaka CCPSL 041 Associate Member
Shyamalee Gunaratne CCPSL 042 Associate Member
Madusha Pathirana CCPSL 043 Associate Member
Thivanka Vishvani Manawadu CCPSL 044 Associate Member
Samadhi Madanayaka CCPSL 045 Associate Member
T.M.Rajika Ranjani Jinasena CCPSL 046 Associate Member
Hiruni Amarasekara CCPSL 047 Associate Member
Shaneli Gunawardena CCPSL 048 Associate Member
Thurairetnam Inthujah CCPSL 049 Associate Member
Udara Senarathna CCPSL 050 Associate Member
Mihika Fernando CCPLS 051 Associate Member
Saraji Gunasekara CCPSL 052 Associate Member
Shashika Ranaweera CCPSL 053 Associate Member
F. Kiyamudeen CCPSL 054 Associate Member
Shivatharshana Prashanthan CCPSL 055 Associate Member
Bavani Gallage CCPSL 056 Associate Member
Sampath Kularathne CCPSL 057 Associate Member
Thanuja Athapattu CCPSL 058 Associate Member
W.H.G.M. Somathilka CCPSL 059 Associate Member
Shanika Sandaruwani CCPSL 060 Associate Member
Nesali Panapitiya CCPSL 061 Associate Member
Vindya Miyanwala CCPSL 062 Associate Member
K.B.J. Kaushalya CCPSL 063 Associate Member
S.B Mohideen CCPSL 064 Associate Member
R.D.D.M. Rajapaksha CCPSL 065 Associate Member
Z.T. M Thoufeek CCPSL 066 Associate Member
Shanika Halangoda CCPSL 067 Associate Member
N.M.M.K.Samarasingha CCPSL 068 Associate Member
T.M.N.K Puliyadda CCPSL 069 Associate Member
S.K.Y.V. Premathilaka CCPSL 070 Associate Member
M.M.N De Silva CCPSL 071 Associate Member