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CCPSL was established in 2015 as a result of a series of discussions among all Chemical Pathologists. It is the major scientific and professional body for practicing Chemical Pathologists in Sri Lanka and plays a vital role in improving patient outcomes. We are in a leading position to collaborate and work with the policymakers and healthcare stake-holders to improve the status of the health care delivery in Sri Lanka.

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President's Message


It is an honour and a privilege to be elected as the 5th president of College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka (CCPSL) for the year 2019/2020. I thank all members in entrusting me with this immense responsibility. The CCPSL has maintained high standards throughout. The past presidents with their respective councils have steered this organization to the current height to be a leading and active academic organization in the country. With the support of the current council, I promise to maintain the good standards and add more colour during my tenure in 2019/2020.

The CCPSL is committed to the improvement of quality of the standards and services of the laboratories in Sri Lanka. We will continue to provide educational programs to our members and trainees to achieve this aim. We hope to join in hands with all parties involved in the laboratory testing process for example consultants, doctors, medical laboratory technologists and nurses to uplift the quality of patient care. We have already arranged a number of programmes for them during this year and are in the process of arranging more educational activities.

Our annual academic sessions will be held from 13th -15th February 2020 in Colombo with the participation of many overseas speakers and delegates. I am confident that members of the scientific committee will arrange the programme that will be stimulating and educative.

We have already planned to develop national guidelines for the field of laboratory medicine and establish an online medical laboratory test database for Sri Lanka. We have taken initial steps in commencement of an annual journal for the College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka.

We hope to maintain a consistent rapport with administrative officials of Ministry of Health, with regard to development of laboratory infrastructure, policies, guidelines and re-organization of analytical services throughout the country. Another major objective is to establish and maintain collaborative work with international organizations that are related to laboratory medicine.

I welcome your suggestions in order to improve the services and functionality of the CCPSL.

We look forward to a productive year.

Dr. Manjula Dissanayake
College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka


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